About OCJA

Our Role

The Ontario Community Justice Association (OCJA) is a non-profit organization representing providers of community justice programming throughout the province. It is comprised of professionals from across Ontario, employed by a community based organization affiliated with the justice system.

The OCJA is best known for its annual conference. Held in the fall of each year, and rotated through the OCJA regions, this two-day event gives those in attendance a forum to share best practices, goals and opportunities in community justice work. More than just a yearly conference, the OCJA is an association representing a network of community justice service providers sharing information and resources on a continual basis throughout the year. 

The OCJA Executive is comprised of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Public Relation members. Additionally, one member from each geographic region attends the Executive meetings and represents all members from that region. The Regional Representatives are the conduit of information flow from the Executive to the members. Regional Representatives notify members of minutes when they are posted, share timely information, and put forth questions to the membership. These concerns then go to the Executive to inform decision-making.


The OCJA promotes and supports community justice by providing a network of support to service providers and through coordinated advocacy efforts.  


There will be a comprehensive, accessible, well-resourced system of community justice programs and supports in Ontario.


1. We promote open and ongoing communication to inform and engage our membership.
2. We support service provision that embraces inclusivity and human rights.
3. We believe in person centered programming, where service participants are empowered to use their voice.
4. We will advocate for a comprehensive system of accessible, well-resourced community justice programs.
5. We believe in enhancing services through collaboration and partnerships.
6. We support and encourage the use of evidence-based, best and promising practices.
7. We encourage members to combine areas of expertise to support each other in the delivery of comprehensive and coordinated service


In 1979, the Community Service Order Association was initiated as an organization that would support all members who were involved in the delivery of Community Service in communities throughout Ontario. In September 1992, the Association received full membership support to change its name to Ontario Community Justice Association (O.C.J.A.) and expand its membership to include all other community based, non-residential programs affiliated with the Criminal Justice System. The “Association” was issued Patent (899340) under the Ontario Corporation Act in 1990, and received “Charitable Status” in January 1994.