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Interested in joining OCJA?

OCJA membership is open to any staff, volunteer, or student associated with a community based organization or program in Ontario that is affiliated with the justice system. 

​As a member of the Ontario Community Justice Association, you will join a group of professionals who are working to improve community justice. Our members are committed to humane and effective treatment of offenders within the community. By joining a professional association such as OCJA you will add your voice to a progressive collective working towards principles that focus on effective services for offenders. You will also gain provincial representation for issues important to you as a worker within the system. OCJA memberships are offered to individuals and groups interested in and supportive of the purpose and objectives of the Association. ​

Benefits of Membership


  • Expanded professional contacts and resources
  • Seat at meetings – bring concerns to Executive and Ministry Tables
  • Internal support relating to provincial and agency trends

Evidence Based & Best Practices

  • Sharing of information related to evidence based and best practices
  • Information from Ministry tables provided to membership
  • Promote new and promising programs

Sharing of Information

  • Collaboration with policy documents and Ministry decisions
  • Upcoming programs and changes to programs
  • Regional and Provincial trends

Annual Conference

  • Promote professional development
  • Network face to face with Provincial colleagues
  • Educational and informative speakers and workshops focusing on shared interests

Ministry Committees

  • Voice at Ministry level
  • Information about Ministry direction
  • Make Ministry aware of membership and needs


  • Membership is mostly comprised of frontline and supervisors of community programs
  • Volunteer based
  • Voice for members and their clients


  • Training at annual conference
  • Training days
  • Information about other member agency’s training


  • At conferences
  • At Regional and committee meetings
  • At Ministry Committee meetings

Input into Policy Making

  • Voice to Ministry regarding policy
  • Internal input into OCJA policy and direction
  • Collaborative voice


  • Larger pool of resources
  • Different trends across the province
  • Provincial connections

Membership List

  • Access to members across the province
  • Ability to share information regarding what is working and what is not
  • Being aware of what is available i.e., programs etc.

Become Member of Executive

  • Firsthand knowledge
  • Opportunity to sit at Ministry tables
  • Be part of making things happen                                                                

Regional Representation

  • Opportunity to bring information about what is happening in each region
  • Shared commonalities regarding clients within the region
  • Regional Representatives bring forward your concerns to the executive


  • Access to executive meeting minutes
  • View quarterly newsletters
  • Retrieve communication letters between OCJA, member agencies and Ministry
  • Post agency’s employment opportunities